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Building Bridges

About The 2024 Summit

Skyrocket’s Equity Summit is dedicated to creating a powerful platform for change.  Our theme for 2024 is Building Bridges: Fostering Community through Equity and Unity. We believe that bridging the gap between educators, students and the community, is essential to empowering individuals as ambassadors of change.  Through engaging discussions, collaborative workshops, and inspiring presentations, participants will explore strategies to bridge divides, promote equity, and create belonging for all within communities. 

By working together, we will shatter barriers and relentlessly pursue a future where every single individual thrives in an unyielding, fiercely equitable, and resolutely united environment.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Kenneth C. Williams

Keynote Speaker

A nationally recognized trainer, speaker, and consultant in leadership and school culture, brings nearly 3 decades of expertise in transforming schools through the Professional Learning Communities at Work process. Known for his compelling blend of "heart, humor, and hammer," Ken inspires with action-oriented presentations that offer practical strategies and a clear vision for overcoming challenges in education.

Kenneth Shelton

Featured Speaker

An experienced educator with an M.A. in Education and specialties in Educational Technology, is a distinguished Apple Educator, Google Innovator, and Microsoft Educator Expert. Recognized globally, he's delivered impactful keynotes and workshops on topics ranging from Educational Technology to Equity and Inclusion.

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February 15, 2023

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Principal Kafele's words lit a new fire in me and I can't wait to implement many of these ideas in my practice.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

My greatest takeaway is to be mindful about how I carry myself and interact with students to make sure that they feel welcome, supported, and recognized for who they are.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

It is always energizing to get into a (virtual) room with educators that share my same passions. My greatest takeaway is being able to collect the resources from each presenter. I now have a list of books to read, videos to watch, and podcasts to listen to.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

We need to truly get to know the students we teach and use that knowledge to inform how we teach them. Also learned that each student is unique and there is no one way that works for everyone.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

I loved all the sessions, however, the Covid-19-Trauma and Copywriting sessions stuck out the most.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

The keynote speaker motivated me to examine how I make my instruction equitable.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

I LOVED the PD discussion on Gen Z! Having the teacher-student commentary and input was very effective!

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

The variety of sessions offered was great considering where we have been with all of the craziness of the last 3 years and how we had to change how we had to connect with our students.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

The concept that equity is a strategy to get to equality really struck me. I also really loved the idea of asking ourselves whether our students are at an advantage because we are their teachers, counselors, leaders. It's something we need to ask ourselves every day!!

2023 Equity Summit Attendee

Julienne Cunningham is an excellent resource for creating equitable educational spaces for neurodiverse communities. Universal Design for Learning strategies were excellent and she spoke from an understanding of what it is like for those of us with disabilities.

2023 Equity Summit Attendee